Empower Your Teen or Young Adult's Transition to Adulthood.

Give them the strategies and tools to become emotionally resilient!

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children: One of these is roots; the other, wings.”

- Hodding Carter


Are you a parent of a 16-25 year-old?

They are going through the biggest transition of their life, from being cared for in a loving, protected home environment, to becoming fully functioning adults out in the world.

We need to give them the skills and strategies to grow beyond the problems and challenges they are facing right now, or are likely to face in the near future.

Whatever their situation; simply learning to ‘adult’, getting a diagnosis (‘labels’ are debilitating to self-worth and confidence), an inherited anxiety disorder,trauma from the past
such as being bullied,

the common denominator is anxiety and stress.


Anxiety is normal, but how do we prevent it from being disempowering?

How do we prevent it from becoming a disorder?

We are playing a game of catch-up!


There is a silent epidemic of anxiety disorders spreading like wildfire among young people today. Adolescents are not taught how to manage their minds and emotions successfully and constructively.
Schools don’t teach these fundamental and incredibly important life skills.
The latest statistics show some alarming trends: One in six school-aged children has an active mental health issue. There is a 10-year gap between the first symptom and getting help. A staggering 74% of mental illnesses are established by the age of 24.
As a society, we are treating symptoms instead of addressing the root of the problem of anxiety. We are on a hamster wheel of coping, searching for quick fixes and hacks…. Along with the influence of social media and curated lives, gaming, there are a lot of distractions. The ‘cancel culture’ in dating is incredibly damaging to self-worth.

We need to bridge the gap and give young people long-term solutions.


Parents, you don't have to do this alone!


There is a ‘done-for-you’ solution to provide an education in mental wellbeing for your child that is relevant to today’s world.


“Amali is highly skilled and adept at identifying how to approach problems and issues. From this, she is able to encourage self-examination and find the tools to understand why we behave in certain ways. She made a huge difference to my daughter’s mental state and helped her re-centre in order to move forward”.
- Alexandra, Parent to 19-year-old
"Amali is deeply interested in the health and well-being of young people. Her approach provides an important space for them to explore their challenges, and identify safe and healthy ways forward, something so many young people need in our socially pressured and intrusive world."
- Ali, Teacher and mother of 2
“I cannot recommend Amali highly enough. She is incredibly skilled, professional, and compassionate. Her skills are obvious, but what makes her truly special is her ability to connect with people from all nationalities and walks of life. Amali has a gift for creating a safe and supportive environment, which allows her clients to explore their thoughts and feelings honestly and openly and make them feel heard and understood. Amali helped me through a very difficult time in my life (when I was caring for my daughter during a crisis), and I would strongly recommend her without hesitation to anyone in need of support. Thank you so much, Amali!”
- Cecy, Mother of 23-year-old


All young adults deserve the opportunity to…

  • Be confident in all areas of life
  • Develop skills to solve problems and get better results
  • Learn how to leverage defeating moods into motivation
  • Understand why and how they unknowingly self-sabotage
  • Reduce stress and anxiety; to believe in themselves wholeheartedly
  • Be more empowered in relationships, so they are not pushed around by others or lose themselves when looking for love
  • Prioritise their own happiness and dreams and make them a reality

This immersive programme helps participants grow wings to fly and flourish!

5 Master Keys
to Build a Powerful Identity &

Navigate Intimacy


GROUNDWORK - The Position Audit Technique

The secret to creating a beautiful future begins with your first step. But it’s super handy to develop ‘foresight’, that is, the ability to judge correctly what is going to happen in the future or what will be needed in the future. You’ll learn:

  • How to get the big-picture or ‘helicopter view’ of your life
  • How to create a map for yourself as you move forward
  • Learn 2 super-skills and 3 traps to avoid

You’ll finish this module feeling expansive and ready to tackle your challenges.


AWARENESS - The Self-Confidence Calibrator

You need YOU in top form to go out into the world and make magic happen in your future. Anxiety and stress are the No.1 success killer! You’ll learn:

  • How to master your thoughts and emotions
  • The art of developing unshakable confidence and self-worth
  • How to increase your ‘vibe’
  • Get insider knowledge on tools and strategies therapists and counsellors use.

Getting these ahead of time means you won’t need to go through the pain of trying to figure things out for yourself, and you will know when to ask for professional help.

You’ll finish this module cherishing your uniqueness and feeling at home in your own skin!


MEANING - The Thrilling Relationship Installer

We need reciprocal and loving friendships. We crave romantic love like nothing else. We’ll make huge sacrifices for it and this can take us from absolute delight to deepest despair. You’ll learn:

  • To bust misconceptions about love
  • How to ‘read’ people and situations
  • How to identify toxic relationship patterns
  • All about setting healthy boundaries

You’ll finish this module with a clear understanding of how you give your personal power away to others.


ENVISIONING - The Limitless Momentum Method

Right now, your best future is only a possibility. To make it a reality you need to learn HOW TO CREATE a life that best fits you, not one that you must shoehorn yourself into. This is an art. You’ll learn:

  • Advanced methods of changing your reality
  • Receive ideas on how to calibrate your motivation and willpower

You'll finish the module by installing skills that are cutting-edge and give you a head start in all areas of your life


STEERING - The S.T.A.R Strategy For Success

It is easy to fall off the wagon with goals, big or small. You'll need to develop a tailored strategy that works for YOU! You’ll learn:

  • S: How to come back into balance when stress gets to you
  • T: How to live with conviction, walk your talk
  • A: How to get stuff done and unleash your power!
  • R: How to keep yourself on track in the long term; the fine art of making your own luck.

By the end of the module, you will have the tools you need to play the long game and keep your momentum going until you hit your goals, overcome your challenges, and come out the winner.


This Programme Is For Your Teen Or Your Young Adult If...

They are leaving high school, in their gap year, getting their first job or entering higher education.
You want them to become self-confident, self-empowered and successful in finding jobs, or in their studies and have fulfilling, fun lives.
You want to help them avoid getting unknowingly entangled in toxic relationship dynamics.
You want them to learn how to manage and move through anxiety and stress like a pro.

What makes The Bright Futures Blueprint™ Unique?

It’s a holistic programme that addresses the root cause of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and hidden self-sabotaging coping mechanisms.

Participants get a solid, kaleidoscopic understanding of how they get in their own way of success and learn how to develop an inner compass. They will be able to guide themselves through difficult and challenging times without losing hope and falling into depression and burnout.

This innovative and easy-to-follow approach is backed by over 12 years of research into psychology, the brain sciences and blends ancient mindfulness techniques made easy for a contemporary audience (there’s no requirement to ‘meditate’!). All material is adapted to this age group.


Hi, I'm Amali Gunasekera Ph.D.

As a lecturer at a leading university here in the UK I’ve worked closely with young people giving pastoral care and watched so many students struggle through their first year. I also worked with sixth-form students and saw a strong focus on grades and hardly any attention given to emotional resilience or personal development, which is the real foundation behind all achievement.

This helped me understand how the lack of early attention to mental health and wellbeing was catching up with my students at university. I've lived and worked in India and Africa too.

In my own life and doctoral research, my focus for many years has been self-actualisation or ‘Individuation’ (to use a term from Depth Psychology) and I’ve discovered many tools and strategies that have been very helpful to those I’ve mentored or coached.

That is why I am so passionate about creating awareness and change. In many instances mental illness is preventable with timely intervention.

This is such a beautiful time in their lives, full of promise and adventure! So my wish is to help and support them in every way possible!


The Bright Futures Blueprint Immersive WorkshopTM

GIFT the programme this holiday season or get it for yourself!




Currently open for enrollment

  • 6-week self-paced online immersive workshop
  • Self-reflection activities
  • Vault of infographics of distilled knowledge
  • Video and audio guides for step-by-step progress
  • Full access to the programme for 5 years
  • Starting 2nd January, 2023



Available from April 2023

  • Everything contained in the GOLD Programme
  • 6 live Q&A sessions
  • 6 guided visualisation meditations and accompanying worksheets
  • Community to share wins and challenges
  • Full access to the programme for 5 years
  • Available from April 2023


We want your child to ACE their life! If you are not satisfied for any reason….

No quibbles! Just email us within 14 days of the course start date, and we’ll happily refund you.

Bonus For Committed Parents


I offer you a challenge!
If you go through the course yourself, alongside your child, you will receive 

2-for-1 access!

You will learn a huge amount too and have the chance to compare notes, open a new dialogue as a family as your roles switch from primary caregiver to friend and confidante.
I promise you, you will enrich your life and relationships with self-knowledge too, especially if you have had no medical background or have had no exposure to self-development before.
I know this is an unconventional approach, but I am committed to improving the current mental wellbeing climate for us all.


"We should be trusted to do more than set up our parents' iPads."

- Kate Symonds (17)

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